We service Portalift hoists, heavy vehicle hoists, car hoists, truck hoists, bus hoists and train hoists.

All hoists need to be correctly maintained to ensure safety and a long trouble free life.
The Standards in Hoist Maintenance, AS/NZS 2550.9:1996 is the guide to maintaining your investment and comply with OHS standards.
Endurequip Services is your best option for providing:

  • Excellent advice on safe practices to maintain high OHS standards
  • Thorough servicing to ensure safe and correct operation of your equipment
  • Suitable maintenance programs to suite the level of use your hoists receive
  • Training to your fitters/mechanics in correct use of and understanding of the safety devices on the hoists

If your workshop is to be a safe and accident free environment your employees need to

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the safety features
  • Have a working knowledge of how the hoists operate
  • Have an understanding of when the hoist is unsafe to use or developing a potential problem
  • Endurequip Services provides training sessions so your employees have the knowledge to know when they are working safe or unsafe.


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